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Why Should You Enroll Your Kid in a Tech Camp This Summer?

The pace at which the technology is progressing is astounding and can be fairly credited for the increased number of tech jobs, particularly in the areas of coding and software development. Is your child well-equipped to thrive in this ever-changing world? Wouldn’t you like to start preparing your kid since young age so that he/she can have it easy later in life?

The summer is here – it’s the right time to get started and enroll your child in a tech or coding camp where he/she can learn to solve complicated problems while working in collaboration with equally talented peers. Keep reading below to learn more about why you need to consider sending your child to a coding summer camp:

Encourage creativity: Our education system usually prefers smartness over creativity, leaving less or no scope for out-of-the-box thinking. Tech summer camps give children ample opportunities to put their creativity into use – learning and playing together in a unique environment. Beyond the rigid setting of school, these camps encourage students to engage in trial, failure and experimentation to help them enhance their problem-solving abilities.


Learn new skills: Most schools, especially public schools don’t facilitate proper computer science and other technology related programs. Bearing this in mind, tech summer camp can prove really essential, helping children grasp important technical knowledge and skills that will give them an edge over others while applying for university education or future careers.


It’s fun with benefits: Many tech summer camps oftentimes follow a unique approach of melding fun with learning – a balance of technical learning and hands-on fun activities. Not only will this keep the kids engaged and excited, but also aid them figure out their favorite STEM topics which they may explore further to decide on their future careers. When learning becomes fun, kids are more likely to want to continue this flow of learning even when they get back home. In addition, they get to know other like-minded kids who share the same passion and interests, leading to lifelong friendships.


Learn to collaborate: The format of tech summer camps is such that an individual project consists of several elements to be performed by different participants, for example developing new applications, testing, debugging and then prototyping. In this environment, children learn from each other as much as they do from teachers, which is simply amazing.

Want to ensure your children’s success both in and out of school, but at the same time don’t want to overwhelm them at such a young age? Help your kid become a digital leader by enrolling him/her in a tech summer camp in Vaughan. Rutherford STEM summer camp provides children with an opportunity to break away the comfort zone in an inspiring environment and develop advanced tech skills that will pave the way for their success during job search.


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