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A Rutherford Success Story

High school graduation

Just imagine your 15 years old. Your parents have just told you that you will be going far away from home, to Toronto, Canada, for better education. Your parents have selected a prestigious private school in order that you finish high school with the hopes of continuing on to a top North American university. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, there are a few obstacles: you don’t know how to speak English, you’ll be alone and you have to make friends all over again.

This was the case for Rutherford’s own, Dayana Imanova. Dayana left her native Kostanay, located in northern Kazakstan, three years ago and embarked on a journey that would change her life. Leaving home and family is never easy, but Dayana’s perseverance was here most valuable asset. Upon arriving, Dayana was greeted by the principal of RPS, Igor Sarjinsky, who quickly took Dayana under his wing. She was placed in a very comfortable living arrangement in which she shared a big three- floor home, located in the posh town of Maple, in Vaughan, along with four other international students.

Dayana soon immersed herself into Rutherford’s elite STEM program under the tutelage of Mr. Sarjinsky and his staff. Sarjinksy, being a past engineer, scientist, and computer programmer, was able to pass down his experience and hands-on approach to young Dayana and the rest was history.

Flash-forward to the present, Dayana, now 18 years old, is fluent in English, has completely integrated into Canadian society and will be attending Ryerson University’s Mechanical Engineering program in September 2018. Way to go Dayana!! Rutherford Private School is so very proud of you. Good luck in all your new endeavours.

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