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Rutherford Private School’s Secret to Success

Rutherford drama / acting class

Psst! Can you keep a secret? Ok good. What I’m going to share with you is revolutionary. It’s an alternate way of practicing what we learn and relaying our knowledge to others. It’s called Acting.

I really don’t like the term “acting.” It should be called “Being” instead. When we are reciting something or just generally speaking in front of someone or a group of people, the goal is not to pretend that your something your not. In fact the aim is to “be” something you already are or can be.

As the drama teacher at RPS, my primary goal is not to produce the greatest actors of our generation, but the greatest leaders. The qualities inherent in any of the great leaders throughout history are invariable: discipline, self-confidence, a strong sense of self-understanding, and an equally keen understanding of others, leading to effective communication. Above all, what constitutes a great leader is the continuous desire to learn and to evolve. Theatre Performance is one of the few vehicles in which young minds can build and refine leadership skills.

Through my studies in the field of dramatic arts, I have come to learn that lessons in acting are lessons in life, and vice versa. A study in the performance arts will encourage students to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, and enable them to actively evaluate their roles, attitudes and experiences in daily life.

In an age when communication has been diluted through our increasing dependence on mediums like the Internet, Facebook, text messaging and many other forms of social media, it becomes increasingly difficult for young people to develop organic relationships. My aim is simple: re-creation of communication.

My ultimate goal is that you, the parents, the ever-present leaders, experience an overwhelming positive shift in the maturity of your child.

Rutherford Private School is reaching out beyond our school walls and into our neighbouring communities. We are offering an afterschool Drama class for ages 12+. Our successful drama program will enhance performance skills in emerging young minds, encourage students to explore their artistic sides, boost self-esteem, nurture peer relationships through a greater awareness of our similarities and differences as well as fostering an appreciation for the dramatic arts through a deeper understanding of the craft.

Visit us at our school facility or our website for further information and for early enrollment. See success right before your eyes!

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