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Public vs Private School – What’s Right for Your Child?

Finding the right school for your child that can provide him (or her) a proper environment to learn and grow, is a big decision because it will ultimately lay the foundation of your child’s future. And adding to your woes is this never-ending debate on public vs. private school in Vaughan.

Both setups have their own merits, and as per the recent studies, the decision to choose one over the other may depend on several factors such as parents’ financial status, their educational background, child’s learning capability, and the school’s proximity to the residence.  

Common myths on preschool debunked!

The first encounter you child is most likely to have with a structured educational environment is preschool or day-care center that will help him/her acquire important skills which will greatly affect his/her ability to learn in future. Despite the advantages of preschool, there are still some people who believe that enrolling kids in an academic program at such a tender age will deprive them of the joys of being “kids”. The reality is however entirely different. Researches show that when kids are not exposed to any kind of structured learning setting, they begin to show the signs of boredom and restlessness by the time they reach the age of 2 or 3.  

Another myth is that young kids are not interested in learning, which again conflicts with the research that has been conducted by the experts. It’s been found that kids respond to music even before their birth, and that’s the reason why women like to listen to classical music during pregnancy to stimulate the development of child.    


Why Public Schools?

The idea of saving money is the biggest motivator to most parents for enrolling their kids in public schools, as there is no tuition fee involved. Public schools run under the authority of a school board, so they are obligated to follow certain rules or regulations, and hire certified teachers only, which is not necessarily true with their private counterparts. This however also means that public schools will face the most budget cuts when comes to it, than private schools, leading to larger class size and fewer resources.


Specialized Education Programs: Some public schools even provide specialized educational programs to students with different learning needs, which is rarely seen in private schools. Though all public school districts are funded through taxpayers’ money, some are considered better than others. This difference is mainly due to the disparity in funding and school governance.


Location Matters: Some regions have more public schools than other areas, and charter or magnet schools that provide targeted programs to students. And if you feel there are better public schools outside your district where your child can have a better run at successful life, you can think about sending the kid out, given the district allows it.    


Why Private Schools?


Active Participation: The key reason for choosing a private school in Vaughan is its emphasis on parental involvement and giving each student individualized attention so they don’t feel left out and can make the most of learning environment. Private schools are independently owned and may include religion and single gender based schools. So if you are seeking for Boys-Only or Girls-only school, there are many private schools that can meet your requirements.  


Innovative Curriculum: When it comes to curriculum, these schools tend to be comparatively flexible and ready to put into practice innovative approaches in order to keep the learning environment informative yet engaging for their students. As these schools have the flexibility to customize their curriculum, students get to learn in a conducive environment.


Strict Student selection: Private schools often have quite strict rules regarding student enrolment and follow a meticulous process for the same. They tend to eliminate applicants who have special needs and learning disabilities in an effort to establish a standardized classroom.    


What do studies say?

The latest sociological researches show a significant educational achievement gap between students from public and private schools, with private school students outperforming by a huge percentage, be it academic or extracurricular arena. And this is attributed to two key factors – parental education and affluence. Educated parents often read more to their children and actively help with homework.

Another interesting point that has come out of these researches and studies is that the difference between private and public schools may also lie in the principal and teacher expectation of students. In simple words, private schools expected more from their staff. As there is no union system in private schools, it was easy for the principal to remove the ineffective teachers quickly. With the high level of teaching, students in private schools were able to perform better than those in public schools, both academically and personally.

In addition, the parents today have higher expectations. And when you are paying a good amount of money on your child’s education, you are more likely to value it.    

In the end, what matters the most is that student is able to get acceptance in the university to pursue higher education. This obviously means high GPA, high standardized test scores and active participation in extracurricular activities. So enroll your child in a school that not only assures you to help achieve that, but has done it successfully in the past.


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