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Private Schools in Vaughan – How to Find the Best One for Your Child

Once the debate over public vs. private schools is over, with the latter option emerging victorious, the next question that broods over most parents’ mind is – how to find the best private school for your child? As a parent who is ready to spend hefty amounts of money on your child’s education, you would like to feel assured ultimately that it’s worth the investment.

So, what are the important factors to look at while sifting through private schools in Vaughan?

What questions to ask? How to know for sure that it’s the right school for your kid?

Fret no more, as we have listed down several useful tips and suggestions below to assist you in your efforts to find a private school that’s just what your child needs:

Ask the right questions – what are the right questions?

What’s your school’s philosophy and how it’s applied in the classroom setting?

You want to make sure the school’s philosophy aligns well with your educational values and beliefs. What’s more crucial to know is how the school implements its mission statement in practice – how the school’s vision is demonstrated in student life, learning, teaching and the curriculum.

Do you have a special type of students which you focus on?

Many private schools in Vaughan prefer to enroll students belonging to a particular social, academic or emotional profile. For example, they may accept students with a specific technology focus, such as STEM. Beyond academics, they may prefer children who are sporty, socially aware and actively involved in activities.

What is your student to teacher ratio?

A major benefit of private schools is the smaller class sizes that enable students to enjoy personalized attention from teachers and actively engage in classroom related activities.

What kind of extracurricular activities do you offer?

Some private schools offer a range of extracurricular activities, for example, tech summer camps, sports teams, community service, and after-school clubs. It is also important to know if the cost of partaking in these activities will be included in tuition fee, and if there is any age-related requirement.

Are the teachers well qualified and certified?

Teaching is undeniably a major factor that is going to impact your child’s education in that school. Ergo, it’s good if you know the teachers are well-trained and possess the required credentials.

What about the parents’ involvement in child’s learning?

It’s been uncovered that children learn best when their parents are actively involved. So it is important to know how a school welcomes parents into their community, what opportunities do they offer to get parents involved and how will the educators be communicating with parents.

How is individual progress measured?

All private schools in Vaughan follow a certain approach to keep a track of how a student is doing. You should be aware of the benchmarks the school will be using to measure your child’s progress. Also find out if there is any form of self-assessment, and how often the parents are updated on the children’s progress.

Rutherford Private School operates on the philosophy of providing children with a strong foundation of knowledge at younger age so that they can have thriving professional careers in future. With well-trained teachers, individualized attention and smaller classes, Rutherford Private School provides a nurturing yet challenging environment for kids to learn. If you are looking for a private school in Vaughan where your child can get exposure to an advanced learning environment with focus on STEM, Rutherford Private School is where you can enroll your child.

Contact us for more detailed information about Rutherford Private School – one of the best STEM private schools in Vaughan!

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