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Winter Programs

The Rutherford Super Winter Camp offers children ages 3.5 to 14 the chance to experience an exceptional Winter break. In our safe, fun, and interactive camp your child will be involved in numerous daily activities. Rutherford activity leaders will coach campers in a non-competitive, cooperative atmosphere. Our different programs are tailored to the ages and abilities of the campers, and are high-energy, fun and creative. They were designed to boost self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork!

Daily activities at the Rutherford Super Winter Camp incorporate various subject areas and lead your child to becoming a well-rounded individual. Children will get a wide variety of experiences such as Arts and Crafts, Robotics, Music, Cooking, Cyber Art, Kidz Gladiator, Mini Car Races, Dance, Sports, and Outdoor Activities.

Camp Activities


This dynamic sports program is designed with emphasis on fun and skill development. Each day will include two hours of various activities: Football, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Team Building Activities and a variety of cooperative games. Concepts such as teamwork and fair play are always emphasized. Campers will play games and mini tournaments. Each participant will receive a jersey and other items.


Want to be the next Rockstar? Love music? Learn how to play percussion instruments in this exciting workshop. Campers will learn the fundamentals of music, rhythm, and timing. Campers will get hands on practice playing the drums and will learn to perform full sets with the help of our Award-Winning drums instructor. Rock on!


Love dancing to your favourite songs? This dynamic and interactive workshop will transform your child into the next Dance Superstar. Campers will learn the core concepts behind hip-hop, salsa, samba, and classical. Every workshop will introduce new dance moves and will allow for practice alongside Music. All dance workshops will incorporate New Hits and Old-time Favorites.  

Winter Playland

This Winter, experience the magic of the Winter Playland. Campers will immerse themselves in exciting obstacle courses, trampolines, ball pits, and fun houses. The Winter Playland will amaze the senses and enrich the soul. Let’s Play!

Cooking Workshop

Love the smell of warm apple pie? Want to be the next Top Chef? Campers will enjoy this interactive cooking workshop where they will be able to put their cooking abilities to the test. Learn how to make pizza, cupcakes, perogies and sushi. Best of all, you get to eat what you make!


Children design, program, and test robots on special playing fields to see how well they work. It is a process very similar to the one applied by cutting-edge companies when they developing new technology. Children work in teams of two – they are encouraged to try different strategies when designing and programming the robots. Through this approach they develop:

  • Team work and communication skills.
  • Problem solving and engineering skills.
  • An understanding of the fact that there is not one “correct” answer to a practical problem, but a number of possible solutions.

Kidz EngineerX

Why do bicycles have gears? What makes a pendulum swing? How do pulleys make heavy loads lighter? Build some machines of your own and discover what makes them work – from simple machine, car, and Morse communicators to real rockets! Kids work in teams of two engineers to assemble, test and race motorized cars. Each car includes: an electromagnetic motor, battery power pack, circuits, gears, eye screws, wheels and more! Once assembled, each child gets to personalize their car with authentic race car stickers.

Interactive Fitness

This program is based on what kids want to do – have fun, be competitive, interact socially, and feel good and look good without hard work! So what exactly is Interactive Fitness? It may include the Wii Station where kids can play conventional Xbox programs… only here the hand controller is modified so that the players must move their bodies in order to move the characters on screen, incorporating isometrics into popular video games.

Outdoor Adventure

Who said Winters are boring. Rutherford campers will be exposed to the beauty of our nature. They will enjoy outdoor activities such as Snow Man Building, Playground Fun, and Outdoor Walks.

Cyber League Game Tournaments

New Tournaments for the younger crowd are here! We have the right balance of gaming for you! At designated times, campers of all ages will have the chance to play single-player, multi-player and network games for cutting-edge fun! At our Super Camp, gaming is an exciting element of our activities, but does not replace or infringe on instructional time. Games are rated “E” for Everyone and “T” for teens and are selected at the sole discretion of the Rutherford Staff.

Kidz Gladiators

Are you ready to feel like a Gladiator? This activity will allow campers to learn the secrets of the Gladiators in a safe & fun environment. Get ready to rumble!

Mini Car Racers

New! This new workshop will give campers the chance to feel like a Race Car Driver. Campers will be given their own Mini Car to race through the twists and turns of our exhilarating race track. This safe, fun, and exciting activity is sure to be a thrill! Ready. Set. Go!

*Please note all activities will vary from session to session. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions 

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