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While looking through our schedule, you may have found that there were some activities that you wanted to know more about.


In the Engineering Workshop, with the sufficient resources available, students can take the opportunity to real time experiment how different combinations of electro mechanical pieces can work together to serve some meaningful and creative purposes, or accomplish challenges assigned by our professional instructors. You never know if these experiences will spark any brilliant ideas that might change human life in the next generation, right?

Program Benefits:

  • Increases children’s attention span with activities of their interest
  • Encourages children to focus in details
  • Trains children to work patiently and independently
  • Allows children to exercise their problem-solving skills through challenges
  • Stimulates children’s creativity through model expansion
  • Provides children opportunities to apply their previous knowledge


The Robotics Division, an elite regiment of The Children’s Engineering Workshop. Recruits who join the regiment are trained to specialize in Advanced Robotics Artificial Intelligence. Our recruits are given specific tasks which require them to build, program, and tinker with robots to complete these tasks with maximum efficiency. Hard work will also reap rewards. After completion of each level, recruits will be promoted and awarded medals accordingly. With higher ranks comes more prestige!

During the course, they will learn key skills which they will carry for the rest of their lives:

  • Logical thinking: Through the programming, they develop logical thinking, an important skill required for a developing mind.
  • Problem solving: Through logical thinking they will also develop problem solving skills.
  • Organzation: Students will also develop their own website to document the projects they work on. As a result they will have access to their very own online portfolio!
  • Creative thinking: Through experience gained in this course, they will develop innovative ideas never previously possible.
  • Core Robotics Mechanics: Through experience with different components, students will learn how robots sense, detect, and react to different environments, much like a real living being!

Science in Action

Science is everywhere! Most kids understand this, and are eager to have questions answered and see scientific ideas practically applied. At Science and Engineering camp, Science is brought to life with experiments, demonstrations, and other hands-on activities. The comfortable environment and interactive approach will allow campers to use their own inquiring mind to design, innovate, build, and even take home their own creations at the end of the week.

Out of School Activities

There’s always something going on at Just for Fun Camp! In addition to the other activities, campers will venture out of the school for a variety of adventures. These include outdoor time in our playground, nature walks, and fun in the snow. Also offered are field trips including the Kortright Centre Maple Syrup Festival and playtime at Funtastic Forest Park. At Just for Fun Camp we are ready for fun no matter what the weather brings!

Spirit of Logic

During breaks from school it is important to keep the mind and body sharp. It is also important to have fun and try new things. Just for Fun Camp combines these things with a variety of activities designed to be fun, challenging ways to get the mind working. Sudoku, Tangram, LEGO, Origami, and Puzzles are just some of the fun ways campers will explore logic during March Break.

Creative Arts Workshop

March Break is a great time to make some new friends and have fun in creative ways. At Just for Fun Camp, we provide a variety of engaging and friendly art activities for campers to express themselves. Whether it’s visual arts, crafts, dramatic and theater games, or even musical activities, there’s something for every style.

Playland Gym

It is important to stay active during March Break no matter what the weather is like. At our indoor gym and playground, it will be easy for campers to keep moving throughout the week. The gym is equipped for safe play, and campers will have fun with competitive sports such as hockey, soccer, and football. And with a bouncy castle, hula hoops, and other games, the gym is also a great place to play with friends in a more casual way.

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