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Languages & World Studies


Acquiring skills in the critical areas of reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking with clarity are the constructs on which language learning is based. Reading, writing, and comprehension skills are integral parts of the entire curriculum. The English program focuses on grammar, spelling, composition, and comprehension as the student develops an understanding of writing as a graphic form of language. The curriculum is structured to focus on the development of literacy by addressing the major areas of learning: reading, writing, oral communication, and comprehension.

Reading skills are developed phonetically through the student’s work in all areas of the curriculum.

  • Once reading is mastered, the student’s skills are extended to reading literature and to the art of self-expression through creative writing.
  • The program focuses on critical thought and the skills necessary for effective written and verbal communication.


Our French program is supported by the entire school, as an integral part of the student learning, not confined to French class.

Elementary school students at Rutherford School learn French daily. We use the AIM method in the French classroom. This approach to learning French uses gestures to anchor the learning of vocabulary and grammar and is very effective in teaching French to young children. French is spoken exclusively in the classroom. French is taught using songs, rhymes, stories and the discussion of familiar experiences.


Our Russian classes are taught for children whom English is not necessarily their first language, thus each student is able to understand and learn the language on a deeper level. Our goal is to expose young learners to a second, or even third language, through fun activities. Our interactive learning takes place through songs, games, role play, and stories.

The Russian program in Rutherford builds your child’s confidence in communicating in Russian and develops their awareness of a different culture.

World Studies

World Studies constitutes an important part of the core curriculum. The program is designed to help students develop essential knowledge and understanding of basic concepts of the Earth’s science that they can apply in a wide range of situations. It draws widely on the knowledge our students acquired in their subjects, such as Math, Science, Languages, etc., thus implementing an interdisciplinary approach towards studying.

The program focuses on exploring the main five themes of Geography as a science that studies the Earth and its physical features. These themes are location, place, human/environment interaction, movement and region.

Great emphasis is placed on developing such important skills as map and globe skills, skills of gathering, processing, evaluating and analyzing information, critical thinking, and oral presentation skills. These are the skills that are vital to success in our students’ future life.

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