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Rutherford Private School offers an enriched educational program that is set forth by the Ministry of Education. Our goal is to challenge and motivate each student to reach her or his full potential, both academically and socially. Our curriculum helps prepare students to endure life’s obstacles as they mature into confident and knowledgeable leaders.

Our curriculum integrates many teaching strategies that target all learning styles. Approaches include hands-on projects, visual presentations, computer-based programs, problem solving and abstract reasoning exercises. At Rutherford we always want our students to enjoy an academic atmosphere that is integrated with some fun.

Ultimately, our goal is to integrate many essential aspects into the curriculum and create one that will let your child become a well rounded, educated, and competitive individual.

Our dedicated and experienced faculty cares deeply about our students and their education. They all share a true love and passion for teaching, participating in all aspects of school life as mentors, coaches and leaders. Our small class sizes at each grade level ensure that every student receives the necessary individual attention to develop their skills, strengths, and interests.

You should choose our Elementary or Middle School Program because it offers many key benefits that inspire our students’ success in learning:

  • Enriched academic programs
  • Challenging, nurturing environment
  • Dedicated, highly qualified teachers
  • Low-student-to-teacher ratios
  • Superior curriculum
  • Individual approach to learning
  • Convenient schedule

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