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Elementary School

STEM Integrated Program

Rutherford Montessori elementary school offers a challenging STEAM program in a nurturing environment. Small classes, individual attention, and outstanding teachers are our hallmarks. A traditional and structured, yet creative curriculum serves a range of diverse students within a family-like environment. Rutherford creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, as we seek to imbue students with a love of learning and provide sound preparation for higher education.

School News

Rutherford Private School’s Secret to Success

Rutherford Private School is reaching out beyond our school walls and into our neighbouring communities. We are offering an afterschool Drama class for ages 12+. Our successful drama program will enhance performance skills in emerging young minds, encourage students to explore their artistic sides, boost self-esteem, nurture peer relationships through a greater awareness of our similarities and differences as well as fostering an appreciation for the dramatic arts through a deeper understanding of the craft.

Rutherford is Picking up STEAM

RPS has recently modified its STEM program to include an Arts component in order to strengthen and complement a student’s productive output. We believe that it is vital for a young learner to inherit performance traits, which translate well into the workplace, no matter the career or occupation. Self-confidence, demeanour, and physical disciplines are key components to success.

Join Us At Our Open House

We’re almost back to school and Rutherford Private School is offering 6 Open House visits in the month of August. Take this opportunity to come in and visit our modern state of the art facility and meet with our passionate faculty. Get a better sense of our classroom dynamics, resources and onsite facilities.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Undergrads

RPS, in partnership with the YDSB, is providing young adults the opportunity to further challenge themselves and make money while doing it. RPS is offering our elite STEAM-based program to local high school students across York Region. If you are someone who loves technology, engineering, programming, sciences and math, then look no further. Rutherford invites you to take our 6-week intensive in-class training course.

A Rutherford Success Story

Just imagine your 15 years old. Your parents have just told you that you will be going far away from home, to Toronto, Canada, for better education. Your parents have selected a prestigious private school in order that you finish high school with the hopes of continuing on to a top North American university. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, there are a few obstacles: you don’t know how to speak English, you’ll be alone and you have to make friends all over again.


Rutherford High School Students put in an “A” performance. (The “A” stands for Art, just so you know!) 16 young actors were duly rewarded for their hard work by having the chance to perform their scenes in front of faculty, student body and family at the annual Rutherford Private School Gala.

Rutherford School Summer Concert

The end of the school year is near and the start of summer break can be seen on the calendar. Before the school year comes to an end, we will have a final concert which will take place at Rutherford School on June 14th, 2018. The students, along with their teachers, have prepared a variety of performances such as musicals, role plays, and games in Russian, English, and French that will amaze you all!

Public vs Private School – What’s Right for Your Child?

Finding the right school for your child that can provide him (or her) a proper environment to learn and grow, is a big decision because it will ultimately lay the foundation of your child’s future. And adding to your woes is this never-ending debate on public vs. private school in Vaughan. Both setups have their own merits, and as per the recent studies, the decision to choose one over the other may depend on several factors such as parents’ financial status, their educational background, child’s learning capability, and the school’s proximity to the residence.   Common myths on preschool debunked! The first encounter you child is most likely to have with a structured educational environment is preschool or day-care center

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