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Enrichment Program

The goal is to provide education and enrichment curriculum for children.

We offer advanced Math, English, French, Russian, and Sience program during academic hours. Our Sport and Music teachers develope physical and emotional skills of the students.

The advanced classes they are part of the daily curriculum.

Early Math Program

Rutherford School and Stanford EPGY Program
Exclusive Opportunity to Learn from Stanford University

We are excited to announce that the Rutherford School will be offering the Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth. The program was developed by Stanford University, through over 40 years of research, to accelerate student learning and generate sustainable and measurable results.

Students will use individualized, interactive, computer-based software that will allow them to learn important Math & English concepts through multi-media instructional lessons. Students will then apply this knowledge through customized quizzes, tests, and exercises.

Benefits:Stanford Logo

  • Learn from Stanford University
  • Learn Math & English Faster
  • Improve Memory & Retention
  • Gifted or Reinforcement Options
  • Proven Results

Language Arts

In the kindergarten years we use a variety of materials to develop early literacy skills in our students. These include the Open Court Program, Rigby PM Benchmarks and the First Steps Literacy Program.

We approach reading and writing in the early years with a phonics and literature based program, which is both effective and enjoyable in guiding young children through the early stages of reading and writing. It incorporates phonemic awareness, sight words, printing skills and stories in a comprehensive and balanced approach to language arts.


Our French program is supported by the entire school, as an integral part of the student learning, as opposed to being confined to only French class.

Elementary school students at Rutherford Private School learn French daily. We use the AIM method in the French classroom. This approach to learning French uses gestures to anchor the learning of vocabulary and grammar and is very effective in teaching French to young children. French is spoken exclusively in the classroom. French is taught using songs, rhymes, stories and the discussion of familiar experiences.

Physical Education

We are committed to fostering a healthy life style in our students. The Physical Education program in the kindergarten years strives to achieve a balance of:

  • co-operative play
  • sportsmanship
  • games
  • fitness
  • coordination

Wherever possible, the Physical Education program is enriched by coordinating the content with the Program of Inquiry. There is an integrated health component in our Physical Education program.


Russian classes are taught for whom English is not their first language, thus each student is able to understand and learn the language on a deeper level.

Personal & Social Development

In addition to our academic objectives, our goal for these two years is to lay the foundation for successful, enjoyable learning in the primary grades. An emphasis on character education, personal development and social skills is central to the program.

Practical life reflects many of our cultures and life experiences, which the child sees in his or her home and community daily. Practical life experiences allow a student to learn independence, self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, coordination, concentration, and organizational skills. For example, students learn to dress themselves by practicing on dress frames, which include laces, zippers, and buttons. Fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills are exercised through pouring and transporting liquid techniques, flower arranging, table setting, weaving, paper scissor cutting, and sorting. As the student becomes familiar with routines and cleaning objects, classroom responsibilities increase. The student learns to take care of their socializing space by using table and floor brushes, brooms, and dustpans to clean their work area.

Music and Performing Arts

Music is an integral part of a good early childhood education program. Students learn about rhythm, beat patterns and tones with a selection of songs and music pieces to show variety. Both creative motion and musical techniques are combined to teach children the concept of space and movement. Junior instrument sets are used during the music period to teach students beat coordination, rhythm, control, and sound levels.

Drama is a part of the child’s communicative development. They act and learn to express their feelings and emotions. They become confident speaking in front of their peers, acting accordingly with various roles. Our kindergarten students enjoy an age appropriate music program, and participate in two concerts each year. Our goal is to develop a love for music, both as an active participant and as an audience.

Optional programs:

We encourage JK/SK students to participate in Ice Skating classes (January, February), Dance classes, Judo, and Swimming classes ( March, April).

Fees are payable at the beginning of each month.

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