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Rutherford School Summer Concert

We welcome the parents of JK, SK, elementary, and high school students! The end of the school year is near and the start of summer break can be seen on the calendar. Before the school year comes to an end, we will have a final concert which will take place at Rutherford School on June 14th, 2018. The students, along

Public vs Private School – What’s Right for Your Child?

Finding the right school for your child that can provide him (or her) a proper environment to learn and grow, is a big decision because it will ultimately lay the foundation of your child’s future. And adding to your woes is this never-ending debate on public vs. private school in Vaughan. Both setups have their own merits, and as per

Private Schools in Vaughan – How to Find the Best One for Your Child

Once the debate over public vs. private schools is over, with the latter option emerging victorious, the next question that broods over most parents’ mind is – how to find the best private school for your child? As a parent who is ready to spend hefty amounts of money on your child’s education, you would like to feel assured ultimately

Why Should You Enroll Your Kid in a Tech Camp This Summer?

The pace at which the technology is progressing is astounding and can be fairly credited for the increased number of tech jobs, particularly in the areas of coding and software development. Is your child well-equipped to thrive in this ever-changing world? Wouldn’t you like to start preparing your kid since young age so that he/she can have it easy later

9 Tips to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time this Summer

When you see your child immersed into the TV screen so much that he or she simply overlooks when you are trying to interact, you know that it’s high time to take matter into your hands. The internet is laden with studies that show how children’s increased inclination towards media at young age can affect their physical as well as

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