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Smart Saturday

Rutherford Saturday School offers enrichment programs in the following areas:


Is your child struggling in math or he/she would just like to be ahead of their class? Math classes are available to aid in difficult areas, as well as help students who would like to extend their mathematical abilities. In addition to school material in accordance with the curriculum, logical thinking and challenging exercises will be promoted.

Engineering | Robotics

Join the Engineering/Robotics team! Together, we will build inventions and pieces that you may take home yourself! This is a hands-on workshop where you will be given the opportunity to create new and cool structures, furthermore developing mental and logical skills useful in real-life application.

3D Modelling | Photo Editing

3D learning is an exciting, developing area of the eLearning industry. With the technology reaching maturity, it’s easy to see that it won’t be long before 3D learning approaches, including augmented reality, earn a place in the standard suite of online training products.


We invite an artist to teach the Art classes at Rutherford Private School. Drawing and painting are a few of the activities that will be conducted. In addition, valuable motor skills will be developed. Pieces created will be yours to keep and bring home!


Flat Rate: $150.00/Month | Daily Rate: $45.00/Day | Program Rate: $20.00/Class    

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