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While homework completion is our focus, students also take part in our special classes and activities, conducted by highly qualified instructors, which improve academic performance and thinking abilities.

Grades 1-6

Engineering for kids

We focus on child’s critical thinking development. We teach children to see connection between math, science, and technology. We are helping our students to reach outstanding results in mind development by teaching them to convert knowledge to application. We cover the topics like Electricity, Robotics, Forces and Motion, Optic, Chemical reactions, Sound, Electronics, Polymers, Water and air pressure, Computer Game development, and much more!

Math Drills classes

Rutherford Private School engages students in math classes to help deepen their understanding and knowledge of math skills. This class will help students excel by practicing math drills. Math drills include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Memorization is a very important factor when learning and retaining mathematical facts and therefore, repetition is necessary. This is why we believe that math drills should be frequently practiced. Students will work through enriching books such as “Kumon Math” and” Math for the Gifted Kids”.

Math Problem Solving classes

Rutherford Private School after School math class will assist students with extending their problem solving skills. Students will develop, select and apply problem-solving strategies as they pose and solve problems and conduct investigations. Students will be challenged to use their critical thinking when solving problems. They will problem solve using various mathematical procedures such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Olympic Math classes

Olympic Math gives students the opportunity to participate in various math contests. Math contests are based online where students throughout Canada complete against each other. Students use their knowledge of various mathematical concepts and their problem solving skills to help succeed in these leagues.

Mental Math classes

This is a class that will help students understand how problems can be answered mentally. Students will be taught different strategies (Vedic Math system) to simplify mental math. They will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally using no tools.

Russian classes

Russian will be offered to all students who are interested in learning the basic skills in Russian. The main focus of this class will be developing a basic knowledge of commonly used words. Students will work on recognizing the word and its correct pronunciation. Students will also begin to learn the alphabet and basic grammar skills.


We know that Chess has been around for many years but did you know how Chess benefits your child’s development? Chess improves concentration and memory and fosters logic, critical thinking and creativity. This class will concentrate on teaching your child how to become a master Chess player and improving their developmental skills while having fun. Students will learn the basic skills such as first moves while those more advanced will work with a partner and engage in Chess tournaments.

French classes

This French class intended to help students that attend French Immersion with homework completion and comprehension. This class will also develop further French skills to help student excel and succeed in French led classes. During French club classes students will continue developing their oral and creative writing skills.



Students in Junior and Senior Kindergarten level will engage in various art activities such as summer crafts, origami and painting. Students will have the opportunity of expressing themselves through various forms of art. Students will explore a variety of tools and materials to process their own choice and create visual art for. They will learn different elements of design such as colour, line, shape, texture and form.


Students will have the opportunity of participating in dance classes. A professional dancer will begin by teaching them the basic steps and slowly advancing their skills. This class will help develop better memorization, coordination and balance. Students will than perform their final dance piece at a concert.


This class is intended to have a wonderful time but also improve many important skills. Students will play various sport games such as tennis, soccer and Frisbee. These game will teach children to take turns, cooperation and be positive team players. Students will also demonstrate special awareness in activities that require the use of different muscles. They will demonstrate control of large and small muscles with and without equipment. Our 2000 sq ft gym is fully equipped with appropriate equipment.

Science Experiments

This class will concentrate on conducting science experiments. Students will conduct simple investigations through free exploration, focused exploration and guided activity. Students will be questioning, predicting, planning, observing and communication. After experiments students will reflect on their experiences and new knowledge. Example: Students will built a volcano and watch it erupt, planet a flower and making a glass Xylophone.

Spirit of Logic

This class is intended to challenge children to continue thinking and problem solving. Children will solve puzzles, Sudoku’s, play Bingo and solve tan grams. Students will be working in teams and individually to learn how to solve these puzzles and then challenging them to complete it individually.


Workshops will resume in the 2018-19 school year.

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