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After School Program


STEAM Curriculum: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Why your child will love our classes:

STEM curriculum
While your child is having a blast creating robots, he or she is learning practical STEM skills. (Just imagine how these new-found skills could inspire your child in the future!)

Creative problem solving 
In each Robotics class, your child participates in creative and challenging activities that encourage a love of science, technology and engineering at an early age.

Fun, hands-on activities
Our interactive exercises engage kids’ hands, as well as their minds — great for children who learn in different ways.

Advanced math classes
Our math program will help your child feel more confident with the school material. We keep you up-to-speed on STEM skills your child is learning and what to expect next.

Rutherford After School Program is for:

Motivated students

We offer the variety of classes.

Engineering for kids

  • We focus on child’s critical thinking development. We teach children to see connection between math, science, and technology.
  • We are helping our students to reach outstanding results in mind development by teaching them to convert knowledge to application.
  • We cover the topics like Electricity, Robotics, Forces and Motion, Optic, Chemical Reactions, Sound, Electronics, Polymers, Water and Air Pressure, Computer Game Development, and much more!

Math classes

Rutherford After School engages students in math classes to help deepen their understanding and knowledge of math skills.

  • Math drilling
  • Math Olympics
  • Math problem solving
  • Math mental calculations
  • Math exam preparation


We focus on learning languages : English, French, Mandarin, and Russian.

Parents who wish to have smart children

Learning goal

Rutherford Private School strives to provide students with a high level of education to assist them in learning and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Strategy to Success

We ensure student success by differentiating towards our students. It is important to consider all students learning styles and abilities and adapt various methods when introducing new concepts.

Evaluation System

We believe in various forms of evaluation. We evaluate students based on exams, essays, rubrics, observations and projects. We ensure to always provide students with feedback and encouragements to help them grow and succeed.

Parents who want their children to improve grades at school

While homework completion is our focus, students also take part in our special classes and activities, conducted by highly qualified instructors, which improve academic performance and thinking abilities.

We offer additional programs such as:

  • Math Drills Classes
  • Math Problem Solving Classes
  • Olympic Math Classes
  • Mental Math Classes
  • Technology Classes
  • Russian Classes
  • French Classes
  • Coding
  • Engineering & Robotics
  • Art & Chess

Children enrolled to French immersion school

French class intended to help students that attend French Immersion with homework completion and comprehension. This class will also develop further French skills to help student excel and succeed in French led classes. During French club classes students will continue developing their oral and creative writing skills.

Parents eligible for subsidy

York Region provides financial assistance to eligible lower-income families.

Rutherford After School program offers the services for families approved for subsidy.

Busy working parents

For parents who are busy at work we have a shuttle service which transports students from their day schools to Rutherford After School. Upon arrival students enjoy an after school meal and get a short time to rest and play with others.

Because Rutherford After School takes on the responsibility of being actively engaged in a child’s studies, parents save time, worries, and money. By the time parents finish work their children have completed their homework, under the guidance of Rutherford After School talented staff, and participated in interesting skill-building activities involving mathematics, language arts, visual arts, technology workshops, Robotics, and a sports program.

We’re open from 2:30pm to 7:00pm and on PA days.

After School Program - Homework

Homework Assistance

We design personalized programs to match each student’s special academic requirements. Our goal is to get through child’s unique challenges so that parents can be confident that their child understands the school material.

After School Program - Hot Meals

Hot Meals

Upon arrival students enjoy an after school hot and nutritious meal and get a short time to rest and play with others. Our amazing chef Lena prepares the most tasty and delicious lunches and snacks for RPS students.

After School Program - School Bus Transportation


For parents who are busy at work we have a shuttle service which transports students from their day schools to Rutherford After School. Contact us to see if the shuttle service covers your area of GTA.

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