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School Year and School Day

Full time

At Eligor School, we offer a unique three-semester system in our Upper School from September to June that is more in line with a university or college semester system. We also offer two summer semesters that allows our students to accelerate their studies if they so choose.

In total our all-year, five-semester schedule, with 5 possible enrollment dates each year, offers the most flexible and personalized system available anywhere. Time and again, this unparalleled schedule offers our senior students an opportunity to plan their post-secondary education in the best possible manner. Our 100% placement results every year since inception is in part due to the advantages our unique schedule provides our Upper School students. 


Fall Semester

Students may study 3 to 4 credit courses.


Winter Semester

Students may study 3 to 4 credit courses.



Spring Semester

Students may study up to 2 credit courses.


Summer Semester 1

Students may complete 1 credit course during this month.


Summer Semester 2

Students may complete 1 credit course during this month.

Part Time

Part-time credit courses are offered days, evenings, weekends, and during the summer. The part-time student may take a course within a small class environment or on a private basis.

Class Size
At Eligor School believes that academic excellence can best be achieved with a low student-to-teacher ratio. Our average class size is 7 students. For students who require more individual attention, private instruction is available.

Private Study
The option of private study is best suited to students who need additional attention, or who have a need for a flexible schedule in order to accommodate other obligations. The student may enroll and commence the course at any time over a calendar year. Sessions may be booked during days, evenings or weekends. The student will be scheduled for thirty-seven, 3-hour classes. Classes are structured to include an instruction component followed by an assigned practice task component.

Summer School
Summer credit courses are available throughout July and August. Classes are one month long, so a student may take up to two credits over the span of a summer. Many of our students use this time to get ahead and alleviate their future course load in their day school. Students have the option of a small class or private instruction.
Summer courses run five days per week, six hours per day, for one month. Classes are available in July and August

Night School
Our evening and weekend courses run from September to January or from February to June.

- Evening courses run two evenings per week, three hours per class.
- Weekend courses run once per week, six hours per class.

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