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Program Goals & Benefits


Rutherford Afterschool Classes


Learning goal:

Rutherford Private School strives to provide students with a high level of education to assist them in learning and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Strategy to Success:

We ensure student success by differentiating towards our students. It is important to consider all students learning styles and abilities and adapt various methods when introducing new concepts.

Evaluation System:

We believe in various forms of evaluation. We evaluate students based on exams, essays, rubrics, observations and projects. We ensure to always provide students with feedback and encouragements to help them grow and succeed.


The Rutherford After School program is designed to help the working family by providing children with after school care and learning. We guide students in their homework completion, while also offering additional lessons and activities designed to boost school grades, expand knowledge, develop thinking skills, and build strong personalities.

We are committed to providing each student with an individual approach to her/his unique academic, social, and emotional needs. In addition to helping kids form a solid academic foundation, we encourage the development of social skills through friendly and respectful interaction with their peers. Our goal is to assist busy parents in teaching their children to be thoughtful, sociable, and bighearted!

For parents who are busy at work we have a shuttle service which transports students from their day schools to Rutherford After School. Upon arrival students enjoy an after school meal and get a short time to rest and play with others.

In the completion of their homework the children are guided by carefully screened high school students who have, among other achievements, demonstrated excellence in their academic work. We design personalized programs to match each child’s special academic requirements. Our goal is to get through each child’s unique challenges so that parents can be confident that their child understands the school material and works toward meeting their expectations.

Because Rutherford After School takes on the responsibility of being actively engaged in a child’s studies, parents save time, worries, and money. By the time parents finish work their children have completed their homework, under the guidance of Rutherford After School talented staff, and participated in interesting skill-building activities involving mathematics, language arts, visual arts, technology workshops, Robotics, and a sports program.

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