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Personal & Social Development

In addition to our academic objectives, our goal for these two years is to lay the foundation for successful, enjoyable learning in the primary grades. An emphasis on character education, personal development and social skills is central to the program.

Practical life reflects many of our cultures and life experiences, which the child sees in his or her home and community daily. Practical life experiences allow a student to learn independence, self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, coordination, concentration, and organizational skills. For example, students learn to dress themselves by practicing on dress frames, which include laces, zippers, and buttons. Fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills are exercised through pouring and transporting liquid techniques, flower arranging, table setting, weaving, paper scissor cutting, and sorting. As the student becomes familiar with routines and cleaning objects, classroom responsibilities increase. The student learns to take care of their socializing space by using table and floor brushes, brooms, and dustpans to clean their work area.


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