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Nutrition and Lunch Program

In 2008, the school implemented an optional lunch programme for all students at Rutherford Elementary Private School. Through the services of the Food Company, students can receive a catered HOT meal daily. All foods are prepared off campus and delivered to the school minutes before lunch time. All meals are carefully labelled with the student name and their allergy statuses.

Students are provided with a bright and spacious Lunch Room facility where they can take a break from their studies, enjoy a nutritious lunch and socialize with their classmates. Our Lunch Room is supervised at all times and provides students with an opportunity to develop their social skills while respecting healthy eating habits.

Rutherford Elementary Private School has developed and maintains certain health policies and nutritional guidelines based on information and research compiled by school officials and the Ontario Ministry of Health. Because the school has a duty to ensure every child's health and well-being is looked after, certain food items have been recognized as inappropriate and lacking in nutritive value and are, thus, not permitted in the school.

Some students have a life-threatening allergic reaction to nuts. All nuts, nut products, or anything that could have traces of nut products are banned from the school.

In order for our students to remain mentally and physically fit, we encourage and teach them healthy eating habits in hopes of developing a positive attitude toward food and eating.

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