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Tuition Payments (full-time)

2011-2012 Tuition Fee
 and Maintenance 
 Bus Services
Daily Hot Meals
Pre-School Care
After School Care 
(after 4:30pm)
 Grades 1-4  $1050/month   $200/month
 Grades 5-8 $1100/month   $200/month

Additional Notes:
One time registration fee of $500 is required for admission process. This amount of money will be fully deductible from tuition fee.  

Prices do not include the following:    
   - book fees           
   - school field trips           
   - additional charges for special extracurricular activities   

Option 1- Pay full payment at the time of registration & receive 5% off

Option 2- Pay in 2 equal payments per year & receive 3 % off
First payment due at registration and second payment due 45 days later.

Option 3
The first fee is due at the time of registration. Post-dated cheques of equal payment from the first month that the student commences enrollment at the School to the end  of the school year are due at registration. Such post-dated cheques are dated the first of each month.

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