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Elementary School Homework

Homework is extremely important as it serves as a window through which parents can observe their children’s education.  As children grow older, homework and the amount of time engaged in homework increases. Homework can improve the child’s achievement. Thus, it would be expected that if homework is completed accurately and on time, not only will your child’s knowledge and grades improve but your child will also increase mastering of basic academic skills, such as reading, writing, spelling, mathematics. Homework also strengthens the child’s sense of responsibility, develops self-discipline, study habits and time management skills.

Parents can help their children succeed at school by setting aside a specific time every day for homework and making it a daily routine. At Rutherford school most of the time homework is completed at school, so if this is the case, we would like to ask you to review it with your child at home. Demonstrate the children how important homework is by taking an interest and guiding them.


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