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Rutherford Private School is accredited by the ministry of education. It is designed to provide enrichment opportunities to meet the learning needs of students and parents who are looking for a more challenging curriculum.
We welcome questions from perspective students and families, and would be pleased to arrange a meeting with the school principal to further discuss the educational program that best suits your child. Following your visit, we will provide you with all relevant registration information and general information about our school.

The registration procedure requires:

  1. A pre-enrolment interview with you and your child
  2. Completion of Enrolment Forms
  3. Current Immunization Record
  4. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport and/or citizenship/visa documents
  5. Disclosure of any medical conditions, which may arise during the course of the school day, including allergies and medications currently being taken
  6. Chosen method of payment and all installments – registration and tuition fees

Note: Your child is registered at Rutherford Private School only after the completion of all of the above mentioned steps.


  • Students are expected to comply with the school's rules and procedures, and to meet the academic and behavioral standards. Rutherford Private School reserves the rights to de-enroll students upon violation of any of the above mentioned regulations.
  • Rutherford Private School reserves the rights to make minor changes in the schedule without any further notice.
  • Since we are set on providing the best education for your child, Rutherford Private School reserves the rights to substitute a teacher without any further notice.

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