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Details about Activities

While looking through our schedule, you may have found that there were some activities that you wanted to know more about.

Wednesday Sleepover Activity
You are able to let your child spend the night with us. That night we will be going to Laser Quest, We will have a burger party, and we will also be having a movie night. This is a great oppertunity for your children to spend time with all their friends! 

Did you ever want to build a robot who would be able to go to space? How about a robot that could make a huge difference in the world? Well in this class we teach you how to make one of those robots, this is a chance you would never want to miss!

Build the Car
Want to build a car that could roll itself over everytime it hits an object? How about one that could climb walls? What if it would be able to float on water? Well in this class we teach you how to make all this and more!

Build the Boat
100 years ago, when people explored the world, especially in rainforests and swamp 
areas, they used a boat with a huge propeller. Do you want to build one? Then this is your chance!

Build the Circuit
In the olden dayspeople who were captured were not able to communicate by talking, and making noises. The only way they would be able to communicate would be through something called Morse Code. In this activity, we will teach you how to build a Morse Code machine, and learn how to use it! What a fun way to communicate your thoughts with your friends! Like a secret language only you guys will know!

Build the Magic Box
Ever wonder how magicians perform the trick where they put someone inside of a box, and cut through them, while they are still alive and there is no blood? Well in this activity, we will be teaching you how to do this.

Glee Club
This is the chance for your children to listen to their favourite songs, as well as sing along to them and get a taste of singing to the beat and rhythm.

Culinary Craft
In this activity we will be teaching your children how to make various foods, and how to decorate them

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