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Day School Course Calendar

The following courses are available for day school students.

Note: Courses marked with (*) will not be offered in a class room setting, yet they will be available through the Independent Learning Centre.
*Visual Arts, AVI1O
Introduction to Information Technology in Business, BTT1O
Geography of Canada, CGC1D
International Languages: Hebrew, LYHAD
International Languages: Russian, LRRAD
English, ENG1D
Core French, FSF1P
Healthy Active Living Education, PPL1O
Principles of Mathematics, MPM1D
Science, SNC1D
Media Arts, ASM2O
*Introduction to Business, BBI2O
Introduction to Information Technology in Business, BTT2O
Canadian History in the 20th Century, CHC2D
International Languages: Hebrew, LYHBD
International Languages: Russian, LRRBD
English, ENG2D
*Career Studies, GLC2O
*Civics, CHV2O
Principles of Mathematics, MPM2D
Science, SNC2D
Computer and Information Science, TIK2O
Computer Engineering Technology, TEE20
Media Arts, ASM3O
Introduction to Financial Accounting, BAF3M
*Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies, BDI3C
*Information Technology Applications in Business, BTA3O
International Languages: Hebrew, LYHCU
International Languages: Russian, LRRCU
English, ENG3U
*Health for Life, PPZ3O
Functions and Relations, MCR3U
Biology, SBI3U
Chemistry, SCH3U
*World Religions, HRF3O
*Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, HSP3M
*World History to the 16th Century, CHW3M
Computer and Information Science, ICS3M
Computer Engineering, ICE3M
*Principles of Financial Accounting, BAT4M
International Languages: Hebrew, LYHD
International Languages: Russian, LRRDU
International Languages: Russian, LRRDU
English, ENG4U
*Studies in Literature, ETS4U
*The Writer’s Craft, EWC4U
*Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, OLC4O
Advanced Functions & Introductory Calculus, MCB4U
Mathematics of Data Management, MDM4U
Geometry and Discrete Mathematics, MGA4U
Biology, SBI4U
Chemistry, SCH4U
Physics, SPH4U
*Earth and Space Science, SES4U
*Philosophy, HZT4U
Computer and Information Science, ICS4M
Computer Engineering, ICE4M
Feeling dazzled? Overwhelmed? No worries!!! Our guidance will help you to determine your diploma requirements, select courses which are suitable for you, and most importantly answer questions that concern you!!!

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