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Computer Laboratory

At Rutherford Elementary Private School, computer technology is used extensively throughout the school.

Having an updated, full service, internal network allows our students, faculty, and the administration an uninterrupted,

reliable, high performance network service for years to come. We use the popular Ubuntu, it is a complete operating system that includes an office suite, web browser, many educational applications, and much more. Edubuntu is designed to allow a teacher or network administrator to be able to setup a complete classroom quickly and easily. Edubuntu is committed to the principles of free and open source sofware which means it is free of charge and will always remain that way. Open Source software aims to preserve the freedom to use, copy, make changes and distribute those changes.

Rutherford Private School is Technology Oriented:
kids Kids
Pre-school aged children should have educational and fun games.
students Students
Students, K-12 and beyond, should have the best open-source educational software available.
teachers Teachers
The tools teachers need to manage their classroom should be easily installed and usable with minimal fuss.
schools Schools
Powerful and cost-effective education platforms for schools bring education into the 21st century.

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