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After School Schedule

Afterschool Schedule 2016-2017

Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  

JK/SK Afterschool Program

JK/SK 3:30pm-4:15pm   Gym   Art     English Art     Science experiments
JK/SK 4:15pm-5:00pm   Math Dance     Gym   Math Spirit of Logic  

Grade 1-  Grade 6
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Math G_1-2 Math G_5-6 Math G_1-2 Math G_5-6 Chess 1-3
Chinese G_3-4 Chinese G_7-8 Chinese G_3-4 Chinese G_7-8 Math Olympic G_5-6
Russian G_3-4 Russian G_7-8 Russian G_3-4 Russian G_7-8 Coding G_1-3
Farsi G_3-4 Farsi G_7-8 Farsi G_3-4 Farsi G_7-8 Math Olympic G_7-8
Hebrew G_3-4 Hebrew G_7-8 Hebrew G_3-4 Hebrew G_7-8
Math G.3-4 Math G.7-8 Robotics G.1-6 Math G.7-8 Chess G.4-8
Chinese G.1-2 Chinese G.5-6 Chinese G.1-2 Chinese G.5-6 Math Olympic G.1-2
Russian G.1-2 Russian G.5-6 Russian G.1-2 Russian G.5-6 Coding G.4-6
Farsi G.1-2 Farsi G.5-6 Farsi G.1-2 Farsi G.5-6 Math Olympic G.3-4
Hebrew G.1-2 Hebrew G.5-6 Hebrew G.1-2 Hebrew G.5-6
Robotics G.1-4 Robotics G.5-6 Robotics G.1-4 Robotics G.5-6 Mat Olympics G.9-10
Engineering G. 1-4 Engineering G.5-6 Engineering G.1-4 Engineering G.5-6 Com. Sci Olympic G.9-10
Coding G.1-4 Coding G.5-6 Coding G.1-4 Coding G.5-6
Coding G.7-9 Robotics G.7-9 Coding G.7-9 Robotics G.7-9
Math G.7-9 Math G.7-9 Math G.7-9 Math G.7-9
High School Credits 18:00-20:30
Math Math Math Math
English English English English
Com. Science Com. Science Com. Science Com. Science

*Class size is 6 -8 students.
*The afterschool classes will be operating on PA days at regular time.

*Rutherford School reserves the right to make minor changes in the given schedule without announcement.
*Some classes may be closed or rescheduled due to low enrolment.

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