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Rutherford High School Philosophy 

Our High School offers students an enriched academic program for students from Grade 9 to university entrance. Our goal is to challenge and motivate each student to reach her or his full potential, both academically and emotionally. Our balanced curriculum helps prepare students for university and beyond, as they mature into well-rounded citizens, life-long learners, and leaders within their communities. Our curriculum is fully integrated using cutting edge technology, from computer-based teaching exercises to free high-speed Internet access for every student on campus.  

Rutherford High School Learning Environment

Rutherford Private School provides its students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters positive and respectful behaviour. We value the diversity and uniqueness of our students, staff and community that we serve. A student in Rutherford School defines success as an increase in knowledge, confidence and academic achievement.

This success has been attributed to several factors:  
  • Private or small class instruction  
  • The availability of extra help in and beyond the classroom  
  • An in-house tutoring service for students that require additional support  
  • A commitment to educating our students on the learning process, the work ethic, and the study skills that are essential for success 
  • The skill base, dedication and quality of instruction offered by our carefully-selected teachers   
What Makes Rutherford High School Unique

What makes Rutherford School unique is the flexibility in the delivery of our courses. Full-time day students work in small groups or independently with their instructor in order to achieve the curriculum objectives. Students spend a portion of their day with their instructor, planning and evaluating their short-term and long-term goals. Our approach is one of research and exploration, and independent learning, in order to properly develop the student for success in post-secondary studies.

The part-time student has the option of joining a small class, with a maximum capacity of ten students, or selecting private instruction. The option of private instruction is most beneficial for students who need additional attention or flexibility in their schedule to meet their course objectives.

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