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iC Tech Camp

The #1 Summer Camp for ages 4-14 at Greater Toronto Area.

From Newmarket to downtown of Toronto, from Oshawa to Mississauga.

Become a coder: mobile app developer, computer engineer, start-up entrepreneur.

iC Tech is the original. For last 15 years, our family company has paved the way in STEM education, introducing the most relevant, in-demand curriculum to set students on their long-term skill development pathways. We get amazing results. The top universities in Canada—University of Toronto, Waterloo, McMaster—have trusted and accept our students since 2001. And even more, many companies called us to get a reference for our former students.


We teach the in-demand skills you can’t get in school.

4-6 years old

Science experiments
Lego Land
Indoor / Outdoor sports
Splash and sensory activities

6-10 years old

Coding from scratch
Play, Build, Learn, Engineering
Athletic and fitness program

10-14 years old

Mobile APP Inventor
Robot and drone programming
Bicycle and canoe expeditions


From beginner to big time

Smartphone apps, robots, video games, small business—the world runs on code. Software jobs are predicted to grow 34% in the next few years, making coding and app development the world’s most in-demand skills. Whether you dream of becoming a Google developer or want to launch your own mobile game startup, your coding path starts here!

In this coding adventure, aspiring innovators create fun animated stories and games while learning essential programming concepts with Scratch. Using sprites and blocks, this drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT sets a foundation of computational thinking—an essential skill in today’s tech-driven world—by using bright visuals and engaging design.


From Medieval time to Silicon Valley

Our core approach is hands-on investigation; doing engineering is learning engineering. From simple machine and sailboats to electrical circuits, robots and more, that our campers are sure to enjoy. Our team of experienced educators has what it takes to help guide our young engineers in the right direction and show them why and how things happen. The best way to demonstrate this is through our uniquely designed hands-on enrichment workshops. Not only do we want to encourage their sense of wonder, but we also want to encourage their ability to discover.

In this engineering adventure aspiring innovator design battery operated Tesla car, learn about Morse Communicator, build medieval time catapult to discover force of gravity and continue to concept of high speed rail –electromagnetic levitation is the sets of foundation of engineering critical thinking . Our target are design to let kids discover how things work.

Robotics in Rutherford School (RPS)

Robotic and Drone Programming

From “Make it go!” to robotics pro

Machine learning is the way of 21st century life and the field of robotics is booming. Everything from cars and smartphones to thermostats and gaming consoles are tied to robotics and mechanical engineering. Whether you dream of becoming a Hardware Designer at Apple or an Aerospace Technician at NASA, your robotics path starts here!

Explore the worlds of robotics, engineering, and coding with the VEX Robotics Design System. Get hands-on to build a frame and base for the robot and engineer its wiring. Teams must adapt their robots to compete in user-piloted challenges and obstacle courses, as well as autonomous robot challenges requiring programming using the ROBOTC software. May the best bot win!

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