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"My 6 year old daughter has been attending Rutherford for the past year. I recently asked her what she loved most about school. She was quick to answer – "Science!"

- Mother of a Grade 1 student

"At Rutherford School, children are fortunate enough to learn Engineering, Science, Math, multiple foreign languages (French, English, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish), World Studies, Art, and more at a very young age. The most amazing part , however , is the fact that the advanced subject material is not a strain on the children. My son loves his Science and World Studies classes. He is eager to tell us about all of the interesting things that he has learnt in class. He once spent 2 hours talking to his grandfather about Komodo dragons. "

- Parent of a grade 4 student

"In Math class, my daughter and her SK/grade 1 classmates are learning to solve multiplication problems that I first tackled in grade 4. The language programs at Rutherford School are also fantastic. My daughter learned more in 6 months of Russian class than she did after 2 years of attending a famous Russian language school. The kids, 5-6 year olds, can already read and write in 2 languages, and are learning several more. The greatest assets of Rutherford School are its teachers. The teachers are caring , highly competent and hold professional qualifications. Given the school principal's Doctoral qualifications in Engineering, as well as his experience running gifted/experimental schools, it is no surprise that the school is very strong in key subjects such as Engineering, Math and Science. I would highly recommend the Rutherford school to anyone interested in a high quality education for their children."

-Anushia Mohan (Grade 1 Student’s mom)



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